Angiology is the science of diagnosing and treating diseases that affect the blood and lymphatic vessels. The word comes from the Greek angios (“vessel”) and logos (“study”). These diseases are widespread, affecting nearly one-third of the adult population in the Western world. Therefore, preserving the health of the vessels is essential and possible through a healthy and balanced diet and regular physical activity. There are also many substances able to maintain the physiological functionality and elasticity of the vessels, helping to prevent diseases of the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Discover the OMEGA PHARMA portfolio dedicated to the wellness of your vessels.


    Ensuring the wellness of the urogenital system, both male and female, is important to avoid infections that can compromise our daily activities. To remedy and deal with these problems can be useful to take specific supplements for the urological system that help to prevent and assist in the resolution of these common but annoying disorders. Discover the OMEGA PHARMA urological line: unique and innovative formulations for the functionality of the urinary tract.


    Smartphones, tablets and PCs put a strain on the health of our eyes every day. In addition there are stress and damage caused by the environment and advancing age. For this it’s important to protect our eyes, starting with prevention and correct information on the risks to the health of sight. In the last few years, many supplements have been marketed as useful supplementation to “preserve the eye health”, based on vitamins and antioxidants above all. Discover the OMEGA PHARMA portfolio, a complete range of products dedicated to the eye care.


    A proper functioning of the digestive system is very important for the well-being of our body. The OMEGA PHARMA gastroenterological line is characterized by a wide range of products to support different gastrointestinal diseases, such as hepatic steatosis, irritable bowel syndrome and gastro-esophageal reflux. Discover the OMEGA PHARMA dietary supplement portfolio dedicated to gastrointestinal wellness.


    It is important to accompany the child during all stages of his growth and learn about his real needs, strengthen his natural immune system or sedate a nagging cough. Discover the OMEGA PHARMA natural remedies to take care of the well-being of children.


    Aging is normal: changes in the body and brain are partly driven by DNA, partly related to individual history. In some cases, however, aging is accompanied by cognitive decline. Just like any other part of the body, the brain can be kept healthy through the use of appropriate supplements. These provide substances often lacking in the aging process and protect memory from physiological deterioration. Discover the OMEGA PHARMA portfolio.


    The term probiosis derives from the Greek “προ-βίος” which means “in favor of life”. It is used to indicate a therapeutic practice finalized to the use of bacteria, defined as probiotics because they are able to act on the dynamic functional balance between the gut microbiota and the host organism, leading to clear effects on the patient health. Discover the OMEGA PHARMA probiotic portfolio, ideal to preserve the correct balance of the microbiota and prevent intestinal dysbiosis.


    Proctology is the branch of surgery interested in the study and treatment of rectum and anus diseases. These diseases can be acute or chronic inflammatory, functional or cancerous. Overall, these are very common conditions that affect half of the adult population. In conservative treatments in addition to the correction of eating habits and the adoption of a less sedentary lifestyle, there are some alternative remedies that can offer benefits through the integration of specific natural compounds. Discover the OMEGA PHARMA portfolio.


    Bone pain, joint problems, heavy and sore legs are problems affecting more and more adults as well as older people. To find relief from these discomforts you can use specific supplements that you will find in this section. Bones, joints, tendons and muscles must be in perfect health to ensure the best quality of life at any age. Discover the OMEGA PHARMA portfolio.


    The immune system is a real defense shield that guarantees the general health of every people. The periods in which we are physically weaker are those in which we are more susceptible to fall ill. To counteract the normal physical declines and strengthen our organism, ad hoc supplements can be useful. Discover how OMEGA PHARMA helps you to support the body’s natural defenses.


    Female physiology has different needs throughout life. The supplementation and use of dietary supplements in this area plays an increasingly important role, representing a valuable aid for the specialist, a point of reference for every woman. Discover the OMEGA PHARMA portfolio for gynecological disorders complete protection.

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